Do you want to improve your skills in areas related to boating?  Here are some interesting areas to pursue.

  • Knots, Bends, and Hitches will help you with your knot tying.  Know what size lines to use and how and when to use bends and hitches.
  • Kayaking, canoeing and rowing are enjoyable opportunities to get close to nature, have a great time, and get some quality exercise in the process.  Paddle Smart is intended to help those about to join the sport and those considering purchasing paddling equipment.
  • Open up new horizons by taking your boat to new boating areas. Trailering Your Boat will help you with trailer selection, use and maintenance to enhance your boating experiences.
Where Can I Take a Seminar?

If one or more of these seminars interest you, locate a seminar in your area. If you're a USPS member, contact your Squadron Educational Officer and take a seminar at your squadron rate. We hope to see you soon!