Advanced Powerboat Handling Book CoverADVANCED POWERBOAT HANDLING

When the weather deteriorates without warning, rest easy knowing you can handle your boat under adverse conditions.  You'll learn techniques to handle your boat based on hull type, boat trim and wave types.  Discover how to recover from grounding and how to dock in challenging conditions. You’ll understand what the “old timers” and professionals have learned the hard way.  This seminar gets you there faster, and with confidence.  Then, on the water you can visualize your actions and execute them easily. The full-color book Powerboat Handling Illustrated is included as a reference.

 What's Included?
  • How boats move in close quarters
  • Departing the dock
  • Docking under challenging conditions
  • How your boat behaves in waves
  • Wave patterns and conditions
  • Trimming the boat
  • Handling waves
  • Dealing with severe waves
  • Handling running aground
  • Rounding a bend

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