Registration Instructions for: District 5 Fall Educational Conference

Location: Fredericksburg Hospitality House
There are two ways in which you can register for the Fall Conference. Both provide a registration
form with instructions and links to reserve a hotel room:
1. Click on this button to initiate registration. You may be asked to Log-in, and then the
interactive form will be displayed for you to complete. Then submit it electronically to the
conference organizers, and click on the link to the hotel located on the form to make room reservations.
Don’t forget to send a check to cover the cost of the Fall Conference.
2. Click on this button to display the mail-in registration form, print a copy and fill it out, mail it and a check,
and follow the form's instructions to make your hotel room reservations.
Form for submittal via US Mail:
Check or Registration Form to: Edward F. Overton
PO Box 335
King George, VA 224850000
Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel Reservations Link
or contact the hotel at 540-786-8321 and use the reservation code of 2503864 to obtain the $99 room rate.
Other Event Documents:
ab channel seminar.pdf     application/pdf
abc marketing.pdf     application/pdf
abchannel     application/pdf
boc     application/pdf
conference floorplan.pdf     application/pdf
corrected registration.docx     application/msword
corrected registration.pdf     application/pdf
cpr     application/pdf
cpr registration.pdf     application/pdf
db2000 & information center.pdf     application/pdf
ed dept update.pptx     application/
fire     application/pdf
hq800 seminar.ppt     application/
marketing update.pptx     application/
officer support tools.pptx     application/
on the water programs.pptx     application/
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pre     application/pdf
re-certification seminar.pdf     application/pdf
registration - plain.pdf     application/pdf
registration.docx     application/msword
registration.pdf     application/pdf
schedule.pdf     application/pdf
seo meeting slides.pptx     application/
smith mtn lake on the water.pptx     application/
strategic plan - appendix a.pptx     application/