Commander's Message


I sincerely thank you, the members of District 5 Squadrons, for nominating me as District 5 Commander. It is an honor I will treasure into the future.

We are looking forward to the Spring Conference in Ocean City where we will step forward into the 2023-2024 bridge year. We begin with several known initiatives that were identified during COVID and more recent years. We will pursue:
1) A centrally managed Instructor Certification class for all USPS members. Our squadrons need more certified instructors! They must be prepared to represent America s Boating Club(R) in the classroom with full USPS support.
2) An ongoing advertising campaign in the Chesapeake Bay Magazine, funded by the Henry E. Sweet trust, to reach boaters in our neighborhood has started. We must be prepared to meet people who respond and attract them to become squadron members.
3) An update to our Bylaws! They currently demand a large rigid bridge structure. They will be updated to correspond with recent USPS initiatives to allow the possibility for a smaller and more streamlined district organization.
4) A district wide Operations Training class. Our squadrons have asked for help to enable newer members to learn details of our complex volunteer organization.

These initiatives alone could fill our 2023-2024 year. But we know others will surface. We expect members and officers, as they evaluate daily challenges, will identify other initiatives that should be implemented to help all squadrons. Thus, we must be prepared to help evaluate and act.

I know that we will step up. We are DISTRICT 5! We possess foundation assets which are the officers and members of our 27 squadrons. We will work together to 'Build for the Future' during and beyond our 2023-2024 Bridge year.

I look forward to seeing each of you in Ocean City, Rock Hall, and in Linthicum. Let's have fun and make this year meaningful for our future!