Sea Vester

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Sea Vester is a teaching aid for use with small children.

Sea Vester allows the barrier to be broken between a strange adult and small children.

Sea Vester is a member of Nansemond River Power Squadron.

He travels throughout the five states of District 5 of USPS® teaching boating safety.
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Sea Vester South and Sea Vester North with
sister Vestina in the middle
along with their handlers.
ChairP/D/C Wilton D. Bradshaw, AP
Asst.P/D/C John Brian Becker, AP
D/Lt Michael Lebeduik III, JN
D/Lt Thomas C. Schatz, P
Events - Education Trailer NorthD/Lt Thomas C. Schatz, P
Events - Education Trailer SouthD/C C. M. Kohlenberg, P
Events - Trailer and SeaVester SchedulingP/D/C John Brian Becker, AP